Please advertise this league in your other leagues and/or invite good owners, we are looking to find a GM for the Astros.
NFAD will be held Oct. 1, Rnds 1-2 include full pool (intl signings since the start of 2013 nfad, prospects owned by unowned teams, all signed 2014 draftees), Rnd 3 will be guys from starter rosters
After 2014 NFAD, guys from unowned teams starter rosters who are not picked will be dropped into free agent pool
2014-15 Official Roster submissions will be due just before Nov 1, 2014-15 offseason free agency begins Nov 1

Phillip Wellman Dynasty League

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Giants GM: Quick! Give me this week's lotto numbers. Sept 8, 2014 13:06:52 GMT -5
Royals GM: Wellman World Series for those who still care: Sept 8, 2014 16:06:53 GMT -5
Marlins GM: A thought: So we can get an "owned" team to win, the Royals could quickly trade his entire team for the Rays or Nats. lol. It'll only need the 3 approvals. Plus, it sounds like a trade the Royals might've made anyway. haha. Sept 8, 2014 16:56:19 GMT -5
Royals GM: I'll take either Sept 8, 2014 17:30:35 GMT -5
Red Sox GM: or we could have the Reds or A's do it, cause they got closer Sept 8, 2014 17:37:33 GMT -5
Marlins GM: This has certainly been an odd season here. lol. Just wondering: Since none of the upper brass are here to answer, but did anyone actually like the 10 day high bid on free agents setup? Sept 8, 2014 22:07:47 GMT -5
Rangers GM: the 10 day free agent thing was miserable. I forgot about that. Sept 9, 2014 20:19:46 GMT -5
Giants GM: The feel when you only need one more hour for 10 days for you to win the bid, with someone beating your bid last minute. Sept 9, 2014 20:44:02 GMT -5
Rangers GM: goddamn oakland did it every time, and he already had six catchers! Sept 9, 2014 20:56:24 GMT -5
Angels GM: yeah...I think 10 days was long...maybe change it to 5 if we keep the league going for next year Sept 12, 2014 9:57:38 GMT -5
Royals GM: Yeah the more I think about it, activity would need to drastically improve to keep this thing going. It'd be a whole lot of work to try and revamp this league especially without a LM. Sept 13, 2014 10:02:05 GMT -5
Mariners GM: the Mariners have just been playing possum. Just wait til next year when the Jesus takes us to the promised land (of ice cream). Sept 13, 2014 13:46:40 GMT -5
Red Sox GM: I'm regretting trading away those draft picks earlier in the season Sept 15, 2014 20:33:05 GMT -5
Red Sox GM: but oh well Sept 15, 2014 20:33:08 GMT -5
Royals GM: And the final slap in the face with this league is that the LM who bailed actually won the god damn World Series... Sept 21, 2014 17:08:59 GMT -5
Rangers GM: Haha! Lovely. Again, however, nice job to the board who picked up the pieces and kept things running. Sept 21, 2014 19:10:47 GMT -5
Pirates GM: Sorry guys for the lack of activity. Lots of stuff going on Sept 21, 2014 19:36:25 GMT -5
Marlins GM: Nats win!!!!!!!!! I guess congrats to the Royals who are kind of the Nats caretaker (assistant GM?) since you loaded the team onto the World Series site. One last thought: The "NL" won!!!!!!! :D Sept 21, 2014 22:39:51 GMT -5
Red Sox GM: AL should get an extra UTIL slot next year Sept 22, 2014 8:36:50 GMT -5
Braves GM: I tuned out for a week and the absentee Nats won? Goddammit Sept 23, 2014 20:53:46 GMT -5